Chosen Bay

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Population: Approximately 2,000
Wealth/Economy: Wealthy
Holdings: Fisherman’s Point; Logger’s Mill; five unnammed farming thorps.
Demographics: 97% Human, 1% Halfling, 1% Dwarven, 1% Other

Founded by refugees from Bloodwood at the time when the forest was first given that name, this is a large settlement comprised largely of adherents to the Church of the Chosen. The majority of non-believers in town dwell within a small community of shipwrights, who make use of the bay’s deep water in the performance of their craft. The Chosen tolerate this community, though they make regular attempts to evangelize the shipwrights.

By Lakeshore standards, Chosen Bay is a highly regulated community, though enforcement relies more on the strong local sense of community and convention than on any direct pressure from the authorities.

Government: Patriarch Cherlane O’Sullivan, head of the Church of the Chosen, is also head of the town government. His son, Patriarch Alane, handles most day-to-day concerns, although officially all decisions are voted upon by the five-member Council of Patriarchs. Sgt. Uthor O’Brien heads the town guard and acts as sheriff for the surrounding region.

The Church provides all authority in the town, and all adults are expected to perform one day’s community service every week, working at the direction of the patriarchs. Such service may include labor on public works or service in the town guard, for instance.

The town guard are all members of the Church and are mostly first-level Fighters; they are led by a third-level Paladin, Sgt. Uthor. If the characters are determined to disobey local authority, Patriarch Cherlane or his son, Alane, will step in (with plenty of militia in tow; they don’t tolerate lawbreakers in this town). At any given time, the militia is made up of roughly 200 able-bodied adults in the community. Miltia service is not restricted to the Church and is an obligation of every able-bodied adult. Militia members have received basic training with one or more weapons, making Chosen Bay largely secure from pirate activities.

Notable Local Laws:

  • Within town limits, no arcane magic may be cast.
  • Singing, dancing, and immodest dress are banned.
  • Worship of faiths other than the Church of the Chosen is legal, but prosletyzing is forbidden; the city guard tend to have a very broad definition of “prosletyzing” as well.
  • Only daggers and staffs may be carried within town limits, swords may only be worn by members of the Church of the Chosen; prohibited weapons are confiscated by town guard (a receipt is issued) to be returned when the owners leave.
  • Wearing armor is not against the law, town guards will repeatedly question someone in armor about his business – if he’s heading out of town to do something, fine, but if he’s just wearing armor because he’s too paranoid to take it off, the guards will gradually become convinced that he’s up to no good and haul him in for questioning.
  • By Church decree, no family house may be built within fifty feet of another family dwelling and no businesses may be built within one-hundred feet of a family dwelling.

Chosen Bay is a very large town considering its population. It’s built of more permanent stone and half-timber construction typical of the Old World, but it isn’t the tight-packed, dirty squalor commonly seen there. Due to the Church’s housing decree, Chosen Bay has spread over a large area, filled with nice homes usually surrounded by vegetable gardens and livestock pens.

Fisherman’s Point: This small hamlet (population 200) is a fishing village fronting Ocean Lake. A three-story tall lighthouse has been built on the low-rising point sout of the hamlet.

Chosen Isle: This island was largely built up before the decree about close housing was passed. It is, therefore, more tightly packed with noticibly narrower streets. However, residency is limited to members of the Church and few public businesses are located here. The guard keeps a close eye on Chosen Isle, especially near the homes of the Church’s senior members, the five member Council of Patriarchs.

Shipwright’s Way: The deep waters between Chosen Isle and the west bank are home to a half-dozen shipwrights and their extensive docks, at any time a dozen or more ships in various states of repair can be found here. Most of the yard workers are not members of the Church, but proselytizing attempts are commonplace.

Loggers Mill: This is a semi-permanent encampment of loggers operating in the nearby woods. About 400 loggers live here, nearly half of whom are halflings. The hamlet has its own sawmill.

Ruins: Roughly twnety miles northeeast of Chosen Bay, are ruins of some ancient town; stone walls still stand in places, and pieces of rubble dot the landscape. There are even hard-to-find openings to buried catacombs. This used to be a orc village, many centuries ago; no one in Chosen Bay could identify it as being of orcish origin, however. Most attribute it to elves.

Chosen House (Town Hall): This is large stone building is the center of town and primary center of religious activity for the Church. It’s here that town meetings are held; it’s also where confiscated weapons are held, public proclamations are read, trials are conducted, and executions are held.

The Wall: Chosen Bay is surrounded on three sides by a pair of large walls. The outer wall is made of timber: two rows of logs, ten feet apart, filled with rock and earth. Wooded planks allow the town guard to stand watch. The older, inner wall was built the same way however the Church is financing the construction of a permanent stone wall. Construction should be complete in another three to five years.

Chosen Bay

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