Some of those who fled Thornwood years ago could not feel safe until they had left the very shore itself, taking up habitation of the bleak and stony islands known as the Fingerbones. Unfortunately, as the population grew, it quickly became apparent that while there was enough fish for everyone to eat, there were no resources for them to make new buildings, produce large amounts of clothes, or simply to have any variety in their diet.

By the second generation, the population of the Fingerbones had begun to fight amongst themselves for precious resources. Perhaps they would all have been killed in these internecine squabbles if one of their number had not pointed out that there were other sources of the needed goods. Thus began the history of the Fingerbone Pirates.

Each island sustains a clan, and each clan maintains a pirate vessel, which sets out two or three times a year to plunder goods and supplies. Such raids are almost always conducted by only a single clan (and thus a single ship), though "fleets" of two or three vessels have been seen from time to time. They conduct raids all along the Ocean Lake shoreline, and may even travel up the Golden River as far as Halsham Ferry.

Government: Each clan is independent of the others. Generally, authority within each clan rests with the toughest or cleverest warrior, who also captains the ship on its raids.  In total, there are approximately 800 people in the Fingerbones, spread across a dozen different clans.

Population: Approximately 800
Wealth/Economy: Poor
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Demographics: 86% Human, 8% Half-Orc, 3% Half-Elf, 3% Orc, 1% Other Races


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